I love the collaborative process of designing jewelry with a client.

Working on a commissioned piece can be both rewarding and challenging, making sure that I design and make what the client wants. I have found this process works best when we talk about design and lifestyle so that the wearer can enjoy the ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings everyday, weight and balance are important aspects of design. I start by looking at what they have brought in the way of ideas, show them what I have made in the past and blend the two to make a drawing or model so that everyone sees the finished piece in the same way. I begin with the needs of the client and contribute my design expertise.

I believe it is important to use conflict free diamonds and recycling metal and stones whenever possible. I will melt and alloy the client’s gold to achieve the desired color. If the client wants their grandfather’s gold in their ring, we can do that. This saves money and resources as well as contributing to the sentimental value of the finished piece