Phillip II

Ancient bronze coin set in 18k yellow gold, diamond and tourmaline earrings. Macedon, Kings – Philip II / 359-336 BC / Ob. Diademed Head of Apollo r. / Rx. Jockey on Horse r.


Ancient bronze Roman horse coins with keshi pearl earring


Constantine the I and II ancient bronze coins with tourmaline and pearl earrings


Ancient silver coin set in 18k yellow gold with diamond crystals, earrings. Mysia Panum / 4th century BC / Ob. Facing Gorgon / Rx. Bull head reverted

Tiffany: 10th anniversary

14k yellow gold, diamonds and tin earring. The tin is from a French tin brought to me by the client.


14k yellow gold, cameo and seed pearl earrings

Love Knots

18k yellow gold with natural color sapphires earrings


14k yellow good and diamond earrings


14k white gold, garnet and pearl earring jackets


Recycled 14k yellow gold and vintage amazonite