22k yellow gold bracelet with 14k yellow gold clasp with silver coin. Aigiea / 500 BC / Rx. Triobol / Ob. Sea turtle


18k yellow gold and .09 ct diamonds handmade chain bracelet. Kallatis – Therace Moesia Infarior / 3rd century BC – Black Sea / Ob. Apollo


Sterling silver, recycled 14k yellow gold, moonstones and 14k yellow gold charm Danish style bracelet


Recycled 14k yellow wedding bands. This Danish style bracelet is made of his and her wedding bands, flattened out and turned into a bracelet preserving all the engraving.


One troy ounce 24k gold and one carat uncut diamond crystal bracelet


18k yellow gold and uncut diamond Ballus bracelet

Kindness of Strangers

18k yellow gold handmade chain with uncut diamond crystal bracelet


Sterling silver and bolder opal cuff bracelet

Noble Target

18k yellow gold and white South Sea pearl bracelet

Barbara B

Recycled 14k yellow gold and diamond bracelet

Round Robin

18k yellow gold hand made chain bracelet with granulated balls

To Much Time on Your Hands

18k yellow gold handmade chain bracelet with Keshi pearls


Recycled 14k yellow gold diamond bracelet


Sterling silver handmade chain bracelet