Ann & Glen, Recycled 18k yellow and 22k yellow wedding bands. These bands are made of recycled family gold and a family diamond

Sean & Melody, 14k palladium white gold, diamond and rubies wedding set. This ring set was a CAD design finished and set with family diamond and rubies.

Sean & Melody

Rene & Paul, 14k yellow gold wedding bands one band contains three uncut diamonds crystals the other band is a random pattern that has a hidden name

Michele & Jeff, Recycled 14k white gold wedding bands. Her band has a alluvial diamond crystal and his is a mobuis strip style band.

14k palladium white gold and meteorite ring

April & Issa (front), Family gold recycled into Issa’s 14k yellow gold wedding band, with inlayed lapis on the front. The front of April’s band has a lighters striker. April’s band is made of 14k palladium white gold and sterling silver Mokume with a striker set on top, and a piece of lapis inlay in the center to match Issa’s band.

April & Issa (back), family gold recycled into Issa’s 14k yellow gold wedding band, the back of his ring is set with a flint that can strike
on the front of April’s which has a lighters striker. “Come on baby light my fire.”

Tara & Craig, Her ring set is 14k palladium white gold with a .52 carat trapezoid cut diamonds and .78 carat sapphire. His ring is 14k palladium white gold with two .05 carat black diamonds.

Susan & Dave, her ring is 14k palladium white gold and diamond wedding band containing four .12 carat round diamonds and three .15 carat baguette diamonds. His ring is a 14k yellow gold band

Joe, recycled 14k yellow gold and Damascus steel

Joe and Rene, 14k palladium white gold and .83 carat sapphire and three flush set diamonds

Ashby, 18k yellow gold wedding band with a sand blast finish. The art deco design was fitted around her engagement ring.

18k yellow, white, rose gold Mokume wedding bands

14k yellow and Damascus steel wedding band with a .05 carat teal diamond

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